Objet: multi material 3D printing (2K)

Mareco Prototyping is supplying 3D printed models with the Objet Connex 350 3D printer. Mareco offers a completely unique service that provides rigid and flexible prototype models that are as close as you find to the final product without finishing. The multi-material system provides 2K parts as well as mixed material parts (Digital Materials).
Mareco supplies high quality rigid prototypes built in 16 µm layers and x-y resolutions of 40 µm. Flexible prototypes are produced quickly without the need for expensive masters.
The build-size is 340x340x200 [mm].

Car - 2K object printed with objet printer

now also simulation of rubber products

"Two materials together in one part"

Some specifications:

  • Resolutions (x-y) 40 µm
  • Layer thickness up to 16 µm
  • Multi material system (2K and "Digital Materials")
  • Bio-compatible parts
  • High transparent parts
  • Flexible parts
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