Mareco in the micro industry

If you are working in the micro industry, we would like to invite you for a meeting to see what we can do for each other since Mareco has embarked on a new specialisation, enabling us to manufacture prototypes on a micro level. In combination with our many years of experience and our huge specialist knowledge of prototyping, this makes Mareco the partner that you can build on.
We are happy to share this knowledge and experience with you.
We would like to invite you for an appointment

Mareco Micro Prototyping, Pyramide

Top of the smallest pyramid = 0.17 x 0.17 [mm]

Mareco Micro Prototyping, Sieve

Sieve, hole dimensions = 0.30 x0.30 [mm]

Mareco Micro Prototyping,Helical

Width of the helical groove = 0.30 [mm]

Prototyping with perfect details

The smallest product details that can be created are currently approx. 16 µm. Some highly sophisticated materials are also available, such as a nano-cured ceramic material with high temperature resistance, a fully transparent material and some bio-compatible types.

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