3D Print Resolutions Objet Connex350
Build resolution X-Y Net Build Size (X-Y-Z) Layer Thickness (Z)
0,042 [mm] (600 dpi) 342 x 342 x 200 [mm] 0,16 [µm]

Although the building resolutions are constant the results are slightly different in the various materials. The harder materials (Vero, Duruss ...) will show the maximum details while the details with the softer Tango-materials will be less sharp.

Typical Accuracy Objet Connex350
Part dimensions Tpical Accuracy
up to 50 [mm] 20 - 80 [µm]
342 x 342 [mm] tot 300  [µm]

The tolerances are valid for the harder materials and are depending on geometry, build parameters and model orientation.

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