Mareco's History

Mareco was established as a tool manufacturing company by Sjraar Janssen and Iet Janssen (née Schmetz) in 1939. Since then, the company has developed into a producer of high-quality plastic parts and assemblies that serves customers all over the world. The prototyping division, now called Mareco Prototyping B.V., was set up in 1993. It specialises in producing plastic prototypes for functional and creative applications.

"Mareco has had a strong bond with "mother Maas" (the Meuse river) since its first beginnings"

Mareco has been very active in manufacturing prototypes since 1980. Initially these prototypes were mainly CNC milled parts and glued plastic parts. The company also gathered a lot of experience in manufacturing plastic covers for the apparatus building industry.
In 1993, Mareco started manufacturing Rapid Prototypes using SLS, initially of polystyrene, followed by PA11 and later PA12. In 2010, the company purchased polymerisation systems using DLP/DMD.
Mareco serves international customers, with the focus on the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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