PA12 - SLS Polymer

PA12 sinter polymer is a versatile material with very good mechanical and thermal properties. Some applications are:
Products with film hinges
Snap-fit parts, particularly strong snap hooks
Covers, also large parts that can be glued
Series production (Direct Manufacturing)
Test parts for R&D departments, design and engineering agencies
Tabel PA12
       SLS Compare with Injection Moulding
Properties Units Norm PA12 PA11
 Density [g/cm³]  ASTM D792 1.00  1.034
 Tensile Strength [Mpa]  ASTM D638  43  47
 Elongation at Break  %  ASTM D638  14  >50
 Flexural Modulus  [Mpa]  ASTM D790  1387  1090-1150
 Hardness  Shore D  ASTM D2240 73  64-72
 Heat Deflection Temp.(HDT) at 0.45 Mpa °C ASTM D648  180  140
 Heat Deflection Temp.(HDT) at 1.82 Mpa °C ASTM D648  95  47
 Flamability   UL94  HB  HB
Common Properties
Common Properties PA12 (SLS)
Glueing very good
Painting moderate
Use as Elastic Hinge very good
Use as Click Finger very good
Average roughness of a non-finished SLS part Ra7
Minimum Wall-Thickness 0.65 [mm]
Building Tolerance per 100 [mm] 0.10 [mm]

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