PIC 100: sharp detailled

PIC100 has been developed for direct investment casting of products for the Jewelry market. It offers excellent burn out properties (ash free) and build with the highest quality and crisp detail. Common applications:
Parts with excellent details
Base parts for the jewelry market
Micro sieves, micro brushes etc.
Flexible parts
Building Resolutions PIC100
Surfaces up to 25µm
Layer thickness min. 25µm
Classification PIC100
Type Photo cured resin
Colour Dark Yellow
Classification N.A.
Properties PIC100
Properties Units Method Value
Density [g/cm³] DIN ISO 1183-1 1.178
Tensile Strength [Mpa] DIN EN ISO 527-1 16.8
Elongation at Break % DIN EN ISO 527-1 7.46
Flexural Strength [Mpa] DIN EN ISO 178 23
Flexural Modulus [Mpa] DIN EN ISO 178 404
Izod Impact-Notched [KJ/m²] DIN EN ISO 180 11
Hardness Shore D DIN EN ISO 868 69
Ignition Temperature °C DIN 53765 350

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