R11: for resolution 16 µm

R11 is a materiaal wih fine common properties. It can be used for several applications like:
Connectors and covers for the electronics industry
Medical parts
Snap-fit parts
Several automotive applications
Base parts for the jewel branche
Building Resolutions R11
Surfaces up to 16µm
Layer thickness min. 15µm
Classification R11
Type Photoreactive Acrylate
Colour Red
Classification N.A.
Properties R11
Properties Units Method Value
Density [g/cm³] DIN ISO 1183-1 1.219
Tensile Strength [Mpa] DIN EN ISO 527-1 54
Elongation at Break % DIN EN ISO 527-1 3.7
Flexural Strength [Mpa] DIN EN ISO 178 87.9
Flexural Modulus [Mpa] DIN EN ISO 178 2250
Izod Impact-Notched [KJ/m²] DIN EN ISO 180 4.59
Hardness Shore D DIN EN ISO 868 87
Heat Deflection Temp.(HDT) at 0.46 Mpa °C ASTM D 648 102.6
Heat Deflection Temp.(HDT) at 1.81 Mpa °C ASTM D 648 88

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