E-Shell 200: Bio-Compatible

E-Shell 200 was originally developed for parts for the hearing aid industry, but its mechanical properties make it very well suited to several plastics applications.
Functional products for R&D departments, design agencies and end-users
Presentation products where little or no finishing are required
Applications in high-RH environments
Water-resistant applications
Building Resolutions E-Shell 200
Minimal 50µm
Maximal 100µm
Classification E-Shell 200
Type Photo-reactive Acrylate
Colour Pink
Classification CE classified
  Bio-Compatible Class IIa - ISO 10993 / Medical Product Law for Hearing Aid shells
Properties E-Shell 200
Properties Units Method Value
Density [g/cm³] DIN ISO 1183-1  
Tensile Strength [Mpa] DIN EN ISO 527-1 57.8
Elongation at Break % DIN EN ISO 527-1 6
Flexural Strength [Mpa] DIN EN ISO 178 103
Flexural Modulus [Mpa] DIN EN ISO 178 2300
Izod Impact-Notched [KJ/m²] DIN EN ISO 180 2.1
Hardness Shore D DIN EN ISO 868 83
Heat Deflection Temp.(HDT) at 0.45 Mpa °C D648-98C N.A.
Heat Deflection Temp.(HDT) at 1.82 Mpa °C D648-98C N.A.

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